Green Light Therapy for Migraine: An All Natural Treatment Option for Migraine Prevention

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Migraine is a complex neurological disease.  It is estimated that over 1 billion people worldwide suffer from migraine.  Over 80% of people with migraine experience photophobia, which is light sensitivity.   Light sensitivity can be very debilitating during a migraine attack because it can be very hard to tolerate any light. This is because the lights feel more intense and very bright, often times causing the migraine head pain to increase as well. This causes many people with migraine to retreat to a dark isolated place during a migraine attack to seek some relief. Also, a  migraine attack can also be triggered by many things and one those can be light!

With migraine being such a complex disease, it is important that people with migraine understand all their treatment options.  One of those is green light therapy!


What is Green Light Therapy for Migraine?

There are multiple colors of light. You may have heard of blue light, especially with blue light glasses be all the rave. But have you heard of green light?

 Green light therapy has been shown to be well tolerated by people with migraine and photophobia.  This is because green light generates the smallest signal to your brain, whereas red, blue, white, and yellow create the largest signals. Often yellow light, which is most prevalent in our homes and workplaces, is a huge migraine trigger for people with migraine. This certain color of light causes increased excitability in the brain and can intensify migraine attacks.  With all these colors of lights trigging migraine attacks and not being well tolerated during a migraine attack, it is nice to know there is another option, green light!

Research shows that green light can reduce head pain during a migraine attack. On the other hand, research shows that 80% of people report that when exposed to yellow light (office light) during a migraine attack, the intensity of their migraine attack worsened!  Green light therapy has also been shown to decrease migraine and headache days by 60% per month! That's more than half of your migraine attacks GONE! For green light therapy to work, studies have participants be exposed to green light 1-2 hours per day.

Green light therapy is so much more than just a green light bulb. It involves a specific, narrow band of green light from a special light bulb.  It is important to note, you must spend time in green light while filtering out all other light. So, it is best to turn the green light on when the room is dark to get the most out of green light therapy.

My Experience With NorbRelief Green Light Bulb

When Norb reached out to me to try their NorbRelief Green Light Bulb, I was skeptical.  How could changing the color of the light really help with migraine?  So, I did a green light challenge. Every day for 2 weeks, I sat in the green light for one hour offered by the NorbRelief Green Light bulb. While I was sitting in the green light, I stayed off all devices (because electronic devices emit blue light) and did things like read a book or adult coloring.  I also made sure to use this light bulb during a migraine attack because I get photophobia during my attacks. I will say, I did notice that I was able to keep doing my everyday tasks when a migraine attack would hit.  I am the kind of person that likes to push through and dim all the lights and then wince in pain when any light enters the room. But with the NorbRelief Green Light bulb, I was still able to continue tasks without the fear of other light coming in and it did help to cut my migraine pain down immensely.  Also, by using the green light before bed, I felt less stressed and more relaxed.

5 Reasons to Buy NorbRelief Green Light: Great for Light Sensitivity and Migraine

  1. Green Light is An All Natural Treatment Option For Prevention of Migraine Attacks

NorbRelief green light therapy offers an all natural treatment option to prevent migraine attacks. You heard that right, all-natural and drug free!  Living with migraine it can feel like you are taking medications constantly.  But with NorbRelief green light therapy, you can prevent migraine attacks by simply using this green light bulb!  The research is limited and more still needs to be done, but studies have shown that by using green light therapy for 1-2 hours daily, you can decrease your migraine attacks by 60% each month.  However, it is not as simple as using any green light bulb.  The green light bulb must be a specific, narrow band of green light.  Thankfully, NorbRelief offers just that!

2. Green Light is Great for Light Sensitivity and Migraine Relief

During a migraine attack, some people experience photophobia, also known as light sensitivity.  This causes a person to retreat to a dark room and causes increased loneliness and isolation.  Other times, people with migraine experience photophobia between attacks.  This is because a migraine has 4 phases and during the predrome phase, known as the warning phase that a migraine attack is imminent, some people have increased sensitivity to light.  When faced with light, it can feel like it is shining so bright and exacerbate migraine symptoms and attacks.

The amazing thing about NorbRelief green light is that it is so well tolerated by those with photophobia. This allows people with migraine and photophobia to still be able to do everyday tasks like read a book with the green light on.

3. Green Light Helps to Get You Out of The Dark Room During a Migraine Attack

Green light has been shown to be well tolerated by people with migraine and photophobia.  Oftentimes, yellow light exacerbates a migraine attack!  But, with NorbRelief green light, people with migraine can leave the dark room and not feel so isolated. It allows them to come out and be with friends and family.  They can enjoy reading a book or playing a board game with others.  Green light makes getting out of a dark room more of a reality for people with migraine, which is life changing!

4. Inexpensive and Can be Easily Used Anywhere

Another amazing thing about NorbRelief green light bulb is that it is AFFORDABLE.  People living with migraine can spend so much money on medical bills and medications.  But NorbRelief makes it easy to add to your migraine toolkit. From the Norb website, the cost is $19.99 for one green light bulb and $69.99 for a pack of 4 green light bulbs.

Also, you don't need any fancy lamp for the NorbRelief Green Light Bulb.  They created this bulb to fit into any lamp, also making it a cost savings!

Let's not forget, Norb donates a portion of the sales to migraine research! Which is so vital because migraine is often under researched, underfunded, and misdiagnosed!

5. NorbRelief Green Light Bulb is Flicker Free

Last but not lease, the NorbRelief Green Light bulb is flicker free. This may not seem like much to a normal person, but to a person with migraine this is vital! Flickering lights can intensify a migraine attack or even cause a migraine attack. So, it gives peace of mind to people with migraine that this light will never do that!

Overall, NorbRelief offers a promising drug-free option for migraine. It can be used daily for 1-2 hours to help prevent migraine attacks or it can be used as needed for when a migraine attack hits to offer relief and decrease the intensity of pain.

Let me know in the comments: Have you ever used green light therapy for Migraine? And if you haven't would you consider adding it to your daily routine?


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