How to Enjoy a Trip to Disneyland (An Amusement Park) With Migraine

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Have you ever been too scared to take a trip to a theme park, like Disneyland, because of Migraine?

Well a fun fact about me is that I absolutely LOVE Disneyland. I love the thrill of the rides, the delicious food, the fun atmosphere, and all the shopping!  

But, Disneyland is a breeding ground for Migraine TRIGGERS! There are loud noises, flashing lights, sleep deprivation, skipping meals, dehydration, sun exposure, and MORE!

So how can you go to Disneyland when living with a chronic illness like Migraine?

Well the easy answer, learning how to manage your migraine successfully.

But what does migraine management look like? 



What is Migraine Management?

Migraine management is knowing exactly what to do to both PREVENT and TREAT migraine attacks. So, when you take a trip to an amusement park, like Disneyland, you have to know how to prevent migraine attacks when being exposed to SO many migraine triggers and you have to know how to get relief FAST when a migraine attack occurs, so you can go on and enjoy the rest of the day! 

How to Pack a Migraine Toolkit

For each person this is going to look somewhat different. So let’s pack my Migraine Toolkit for Disneyland!

A Migraine Toolkit is a collection of items to help you get relief FAST from a migraine attack and to help manage some of the associating symptoms like nausea, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, etc. A Migraine Toolkit can also have things in it to help prevent and manage possible migraine triggers! 

For more ideas on what to include in your migraine toolkit, click here.

Here is a list of everything I packed in my Migraine Toolkit for Disneyland:

  • Medications
    • I like to pack both prescription and over the counter medications for relief
  • Ruhe Peppermint Essential Oil Roll On
    • This is super compact and easy to use. You simply apply to your temples when you feel a migraine coming on and it helps to reduce the pain
    • You can even use as aromatherapy for nausea relief 
    • Use code TheMigraineNurse for 15% off 
  • Blisslets Nausea Bracelets
    • These are stylish bracelets that put pressure on the acupuncture point P6 got nausea relief
    • These are perfect for possible motion sickness on the rides and the associating nausea symptoms that can occur during a migraine attack
    • Use Code MigraineNurse for 10% off
  • Caffeine Gummies
  • Ear Plugs
    • These are great for the noisy rides to help manage loud noises as a migraine trigger
    • These can also be helpful for those that get very sensitive to sounds during a migraine attack
    • Purchases Loop Ear Plugs on Amazon
  • Smell
    • Wear a mask to help make smells less intrusive
    • Pro Tip: apply a small amount peppermint oil (or any other tolerable essential oil) either on the mask or on your skin below your nose
  • Snacks
    • Skipping meals can be a huge migraine trigger (especially for me). So I like to pack snacks like protein bars, nuts, pretzels, etc.
  • Sunglasses
    • Sunglasses are a great way to minimize the sunlight from triggering a migraine attack
    • I always wear this pair i found on Amazon, as they are super light weight
    • Sojos Sunglasses on Amazon
  • Electrolytes
    • This can help keep you hydrated. I like to use Liquid IV, but there are SO many amazing ones available on the market
  • Supplements

Biggest takeaway for planning a trip with a chronic illness like Migraine is to PLAN AHEAD. By planning ahead, you do not fear getting a migraine attack or how to handle potential migraine triggers. You simply just do exactly what you have planned to manage all of this.

But most importantly remember to live in the moment and have FUN! 

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