Top 5 Reasons Avulux Are The Best Migraine Glasses For Those With Light Sensitivity

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Do you struggle with light sensitivity and migraine? Well you are not alone! Research has shown that about 80% of people with migraine have light sensitivity, also known as photophobia.

Light sensitivity can be a very tricky symptom of migraine. It is often described as feeling as though the lights are way too bright.  This causes many people to retreat to a dark room or to wear sunglasses to find some sort of relief. Now light sensitivity is not only present for some people during a migraine attack, research has shown that 75% of people with migraine report light sensitivity at all times, including in between migraine attacks. 

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On the other hand, light can trigger a migraine attack! Light can be a very complex migraine trigger. This is because throughout the day, we are exposed to so many different colors of light. There is blue light, which is most commonly found from electronics, including phones and computers. (I am sure you have heard of blue light blocking glasses!). Then, there is amber light, which can be fluorescent lights which are prevalent in our workplaces and homes. Next is red light which is also not well tolerated by those with migraine and light sensitivity. Lastly, there is green light, which research has shown to decrease the intensity of pain during a migraine attack and be tolerable by those with light sensitivity! 

One amazing product that has been created for light sensitivity is Avulux Migraine Glasses. Avulux has a unique and one of a kind patented lens that works by filtering out 97% of blue, amber, and red light (which have been shown to exacerbate migraine and light sensitivity) and allow 70% of green light to enter in (which has been shown to decrease migraine symptoms) all while having a lens that does not distort color. 

Sounds too good to be true, huh? Well lucky for you, it is not!


My Experience with Avulux Migraine Glasses

Avulux reached out to me a few weeks ago, asking me if I would want to try their Migraine Glasses. I was SO excited! I have had my eye on Avulux for quite some time. One of my biggest triggers for migraine attacks is fluorescent lights.  This is one that can be extremely frustrating for me and one that I do not have a lot of control over.  When I worked in the hospital, there were bright fluorescent lights everywhere! At times, it felt like a nightmare for me. I found that the lights at work were increasing the number of migraine attacks I had per month and then on top of that, in between attacks I would be very sensitive to light. It was actually one of the biggest reasons why I have decided to pursue a nursing career working from home (because FINALLY i can control the lights!).  But that's not to say I am home free. Now I spend hours a day between work and The Migraine Nurse on my phone and laptop, where I am exposed to SO much blue light.  So, I have been wearing my Avulux glasses to work for the past week and I can honestly say I LOVE THEM! I love how the lens does not distort color and they are super stylish, so I can wear them in public confidently (and not feel like I am drawing attention to myself).  I, also, like how they filter out multiple colors of light that can actually exacerbate and trigger a migraine attack, while allowing green light to still come through. My biggest regret is that I did not try these migraine glasses sooner! 

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Top 5 Reasons to Purchase Avulux Migraine Glasses

  1. Science Backed and Researched

One of the amazing things that I love about Avulux is that not only do they say that their migraine glasses help with migraine light sensitivity and light triggering migraine attacks, but that they have the data and research to back up their claim! It is one of the only migraine glasses out there that has done research to prove their claims, which shows us how much they value and believe in their product. (like they aren't just saying it works, they have the data and studies done to show that it works!)

Through their 2020 clinical testing, Avulux has found that when Avulux migraine glasses were applied within 1 hour of the start of a migraine, the participants' light triggered pain was reduced when compared to the placebo. This is so important! Avulux has created a patented lens that filters out 97% of the light that increases pain like red, amber, and blue and allows for up to 70% of green light, which has been shown to decrease pain, to enter in. 

2. Helps to Decrease and Manage Light Sensitivity

Avulux not only has the science to back up their claims, but they also have real world users to validate it.  One statistic that I found very interesting was that “More than 90% of Avulux users are able to manage their light sensitivity and return to their normal activities of daily living.”  This is so pivotal! We want to ensure that the interventions we are taking, like wearing migraine glasses for light sensitivity are actually helping! The fact that most users are able to return to normal activities when wearing Avulux Migraine glasses is a true testament of how well these migraine glasses work. 

A lot of people with light sensitivity spend hours in dark rooms or wearing sunglasses (which can actually make the problem worse). But by wearing Avulux migraine glasses, migraineurs are able to manage light sensitivity to live well, continue on with their lives, and not feel so isolated and alone. 

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3. Avulux Filters Pain Triggering Light

The best thing about Avulux is that you do not have to wait for light sensitivity symptoms to put them, you can wear them as a preventative. Research shows that up to 60% of migraine attacks are triggered by light. Triggering light sources include spending hours on the computer (blue light), being exposed to fluorescent lights (amber light), or even natural light (all colors on the spectrum). If you know or suspect that light triggers your migraine attacks, you can simply wear Avulux migraine glasses to manage the impact this light can have on you.

 Avulux reports that “74% of Avulux wearers reduced or eliminated their usual amount of medication needed to enable them to continue with their activities of daily living.”

So, not only is Avulux filtering migraine-triggering light, but it’s also potentially decreasing the amount of medication that people are taking to manage their symptoms.  This is good news! A lot of people with migraine get into cycles of medication overuse headaches and this cycle can be very hard to break. One of the biggest ways to get out of this cycle is to manage migraine triggers. So, if light is a migraine trigger for you, Avulux migraine glasses may be a non-pharmaceutical option that can manage your light sensitivity and filter this triggering light. 

4. No Color Distortion

Most migraine glasses out on the market use the FL-41 lens. This lens is tinted red/pink causing colors to be distorted. The amazing thing about Avulux is that they created their own lens. This lens is specifically designed to allow green light in and to block blue, red, and amber light, and the best part is that this lens does not distort color. So you can easily wear these glasses anywhere while your color perception remains true. 

5. Stylish Frames

Avulux has designed their frames to be very stylish and lightweight.  They have partnered with Ocho, which is an App on your phone where you can see the frames on yourself in real time. This way, you are able to pick out the Avulux migraine glasses with confidence!  If you wear prescription glasses or contacts, you can even customize your Avulux migraine glasses to include your glasses prescription. Also, Avulux even has clip-on lenses. So you can purchase normal glasses and then clip on the patented Avulux lens when you are feeling sensitive to light. With so many options on styles, frames, and colors, you will definitely find the perfect pair!


You can try Avulux risk free with a 60 day return policy!

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