Migraine Gift Guide: Featuring the 10 Best and Most Thoughtful Migraine Gifts

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“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” 

It’s that time of year again, full of family gatherings and gift giving.  If you, your significant other, or someone you know may have migraine, you may be struggling with what to get them.  Of course we all love to give timeless and thoughtful gifts for the holidays.  That’s why I created a gift guide featuring only the best and most useful migraine products.


Top 10 Migraine Gifts

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1. ReLeafpack

This is the perfect gift for any person with migraines! This is a weighted cold therapy that is useful during a migraine attack.  The combination of pressure and cold is the perfect distraction for throbbing head pain, especially while you are waiting for the medications to kick in. What is cool about the ReLeafpack is that it comes in two sizes, the normal ReLeafpack which is about (ADD SIZE) and a releafbuddy (add size) can be bought in combination.  Also, all releafpacks come unscented, but you can add Lavender or Peppermint.  These are perfect to help decrease nausea or even help with relaxation.  To top it  off, the Releafpacks come in a variety of fun prints and fabrics, making it the perfect gift.

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2. Blisslets

These are a thoughtful gift if you know someone that struggles with nausea during a migraine attack.  Blisslets are an ALL NATURAL way to help with nausea and has been also found to help with anxiety and insomnia. It is a cute and stylish bracelet that works by adding pressure to the P6 point.  This point is used in acupressure to relieve nausea symptoms.  They come in a variety of colors, both for men and women.

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3. Bedsure Heating Pad 

The Bedsure heating pad is not just like any old heating pad.  It is designed to fit snug on your upper back and neck to provide relief.  This is perfect if you suffer from stiff back and neck muscles, which can be a migraine trigger.  It has 6 heating settings, comes in the softest faux fur, and even has a strap for around your waist, so you can do other things while wearing it.

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4. Allay Lamp

The Allay Lamp is a green lamp that can be helpful during a migraine attack.  This is because during a migraine, some people have sensitivity to light, and this causes them to spend so much time in a dark room or wearing sunglasses in door.  Green light has been shown to be well tolerated by those who have light sensitivity and to help calm down the brain.  By using this light during an attack, people with light sensitivity can still perform everyday tasks like reading a book or playing a board game with others, without having to feel so isolated in a dark room.  This is a great gift idea because not only is it thoughtful, but you are giving a gift of community.

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 5. Blue Key CBD

CBD has so many health benefits including helping to lower anxiety, stress, insomnia, and helps with pain relief.  Many people with migraine not only suffer from pain but have a lot of anxiety about when the next migraine will hit.  Anxiety, along with stress and insomnia, can be huge migraine triggers.  By taking CBD daily, you can help control common migraine triggers and help with pain relief.  Blue Key is one of my favorite brands for CBD.  They sell a variety of products including oils and gummies.  They extract their CBD from locally grown hemp and only use the best ‚Äčingredients when creating their products.  This is not only a great gift but would also make a great stocking stuffers.

 For a full article on all the benefits of CBD, click here.

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6. HBLife Fleece Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are a great accessory to add to a nighttime routine.  They have been shown to reduce stress and promote calm.  Many people with migraine have associated stress and anxiety, most of which is due to fear of the next migraine attack. The gentle pressure of a weighted blanket help to ease anxiety, stress and can help improve sleep.  Improving sleep is so important because insomnia can be a huge migraine trigger. The weighted blanket is similar to a baby swaddle or someone giving you a hug.  This can be a great gift for someone with migraine because it can help to improve their sleep and lower their anxiety and stress, which in turn can mean more pain free days!

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 7. Migraine Diary 

Migraine Diary's are a perfect spot to log all migraines, possible triggers, associating symptoms, what worked and what didn't, and how long did it last.  If you or someone you know feels a bit lost on their migraine journey, then a migraine journal is a great place to start.  This can help you to identify patterns and start putting links together to see what may help.  What I love about this migraine diary is that the cover reads "Migraine Warrior" which is so fitting! Then, inside it has pages to log your migraines and put all the details.  It even has a spot for a 1 year calendar, so you can look at the whole picture.  Not to forget, it is only 6inch by 9inch which is perfect to take with you and keep track of things while on the go.

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 8. Yoga Wake up App

This is my favorite way to start the day! This app has hundreds of audio guided mindfulness practices that feature gentle movement, meditation, and yoga (great for beginners).  This is perfect for when you just wake up or before you go to bed.  Many people with migraine have a hard time getting movement into their day and have a lot of stress and anxiety, this app is perfect for both.  By taking 10 minutes in the morning or before you go to bed to perform gentle movements and hear a positive meditation, it helps to decrease stress and anxiety.

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 9. PureWave Handheld Back massager

This is something I reach for multiple times a week. As a fellow migraineur, I am constantly battling tight upper back, neck, and head muscles.  All of which can be another huge migraine trigger.  What I love about this back massager is that it is handheld, lightweight, multiple settings, and comes with multiple heads.  You are able to adjust the massager to the perfect amount of pressure so that way you can hit the spot just right. (A pro tip: when using on scalp, turn to a lighter setting and roll out for 5 minutes) Also, since it comes with numerous head attachments, you are able to pick the one that works the best with each body part.  It is extremely versatile and would make a perfect holiday present.

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10. The Migraine Brain by Carolyn Bernstein

Whether you were just diagnosed with migraine or have been a migraine warrior for years, this book is a perfect gift!  This book was written by Harvard neurologist and fellow migraineur, Carolyn Bernstein.  In this book, she not only gives hope to everyone with migraines, but also teaches readers how to identify triggers and patterns.  There are even countless stories in the book of people with migraine, so it is very relatable.

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 A great gift to go along with a book all about migraines is the kindle paperwhite.  This kindle was created to feel like you are reading a book, so the back light is soft and appears like a piece of paper and doesn't cause a glow (like most electronic devices).  Another amazing function is that there is no glare!  Not to mention, it is small and lightweight, so it can be taken anywhere.

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