Hi, I'm Michele

 I have a passion for helping others learn how to manage their migraine successfully!

You see, I suffered from chronic daily migraine attacks for 10+ years. I tried EVERYTHING out there promising relief, and nothing seemed to help. I felt alone, isolated, and depressed.

That's why I created The Migraine Nurse. I wanted to show people with migraine that there is HOPE. It is possible to go from feeling like migraine is ruling over and controlling your life to learning how to Conquer Migraine.

That is why I created The Conquering Migraine Academy!  This is a complete roadmap to overcoming migraine by learning how to prevent and treat migraine attacks. 

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My Journey with Migraine


It feels like just yesterday, I was 12 years old and I came home from school with my first migraine attack. My head was pounding, the lights were SO bright, and I was SO nauseous. This is the day when my life changed FOREVER.  Little did I know that for the next 10+ years I would suffer from chronic daily migraine attacks.

I finally saw my first neurologist at 22 years old. I was SO full of HOPE that I would finally find relief. After 3 years of working with this doctor and trying every medication on the market for migraine, I had failed them all.



My doctor one day looked at me and said "there is no way your head can hurt this much!" and that was the day my life changed!

It lit a fire in me to learn everything I could about migraine. The more I learned and applied to my life, the better I felt! I learned how to identify my migraine triggers, raise my migraine threshold, and prevent migraine attacks. After months of hard work, I FINALLY found relief. I had less migraine attacks each month and truly learned how to conquer migraine. I no longer feared the next migraine attack, as I knew exactly what to do to get relief FAST!

This is what has laid the foundation for the The Conquering Migraine Academy!  I know exactly what it is like to suffer in silence and to find no relief from migraine. That is why I am SO passionate about helping people with migraine find long-lasting relief!

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More About Me

Some more fun facts about me is that I am an NURSE. I have been a nurse for the past 6 years working in a variety of fields including ICU, ER, and Oncology.  I have even helped hundreds of patients with migraine in the hospital! 

I am married and we have two cats, Rajah and Bagheera! (I know, I am a cate lady!)

In my free time, I love hiking, playing with the kitties, baking, and vacationing in Disneyland.