Live life to the fullest with more Migraine FREE days! 

Let's CONQUER Migraine with a Holistic Whole Body Approach!

The Conquering Migraine Academy

It's time to change the narrative around migraine. 

Ready to learn how?

Oftentimes, people with migraine suffer in silence alone. It can feel like migraine is controlling and dictating every aspect of your life. It can feel like you are missing out on so much in life and that no one truly understand what its like to live with migraine.

I get it. I have been there too.

I had chronic migraine for over 10+ years, failed every treatment option available to me, and was even told by my doctor "There is no way your head can hurt this much!"

Now after decreasing my migraine attacks by over 70%, I strive to help as many people with migraine find freedom on their journey!

I want to invite you to join the movement of migraine warriors across the globe and truly learn how to CONQUER Migraine.

Let's look at what Students are saying:

“I went 9 days without a migraine! Had one this week but I was SO relieved that I went that long in-between!”

- Janelle

“I have massively reduced the amount of aspirin I’ve been taking so I’ve broken the cycle of Rebound Headaches. And I’ve not had a full migraine now for about a week, when I previously had them every single day for years!!”

- Patience 

I've been able to reduce the number of migraines I have and I look forward to working to reduce them further.

- Andrea

The Conquering Migraine Academy

Meet Your Instructor:

 Michele Soosai, RN, BSN

Migraine & Headache Coach

Hi, I am so happy to have you here!

I had my first migraine when I was 12 years old and little did I know that my life would be changed FOREVER. From there, the migraine attacks became more frequent and I had chronic migraine for over 10 years. It was completely debilitating. I remember just pushing through life and always hoping that it would get better.  

Now after learning how to manage my migraine, I have decreased my migraine attacks by over 70%.  I truly live a life of conquering Migraine! That is why I am SO passionate about helping others.

In my free time I enjoy hiking, being outdoors, going to Disneyland, and spending time with my husband and our two cats. 

Let's not forget, I have been a nurse for over 6+ years. I have worked in multiple settings including ICU, Oncology, and the ER. I have helped countless migraine patients throughout my career and I am excited to make an even bigger positive impact of the lives of those with migraine.

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